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Roof Integrity Testing Services

At Aspire UAV, we provide state-of-the-art Roof Integrity Testing using both our innovative Dry and Wet Test Systems. These advanced techniques allow us to deliver precise evaluations of roof conditions, ensuring comprehensive assessments that go beyond the visible.

A drone survey business like AspireUAV is well-suited to offer advanced roof integrity testing due to its expertise in aerial imaging and the ability to access high or difficult-to-reach areas efficiently. Drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technologies can quickly and safely assess large roof areas, providing detailed visuals that identify potential issues without the need for immediate direct human access. This integration of services not only maximises the utility of the drone technology but also offers comprehensive property assessment solutions, enhancing service offerings to clients who require both visual documentation and technical evaluations of structural integrity from a safe, cost-effective, and less intrusive vantage point.

Our unique approach uses ultra-fine carbon fibre technology to meticulously scan the roof surface. As we sweep across, any perforations, even minuscule ones that typically escape the naked eye, are detected and accurately mapped. Our detailed reports visualise these findings, illustrating detected flaws as blue circles for voids and red for confirmed breaches. This multi-sweep technology ensures no area is overlooked, covering 100% of the roof surface.

We use the very latest tech to scan your entire roof surface and can detect holes so small you won't see them with the naked eye.
image showing holes marked on photograph
These results are plotted accurately onto an aerial photograph, marked on the roof surface itself and documented in our detailed report.
Image of roof marked with wax number showing location of damage

The Dry Test method employs a high-voltage technique ideal for identifying breaches on completely dry surfaces, whereas the Wet Test is designed to pinpoint leaks through water-induced electrical paths on soaked surfaces. These methods are adaptable to various roofing materials, offering a tailored approach to each property.

Early detection through our testing allows for timely interventions, potentially saving costs on future repairs or replacements. Contact us today to enhance the longevity and safety of your roofing with our expert testing services.

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Outstanding Service
Absolutely outstanding service from Aspire UAV! Their drone surveys provided us with invaluable data that streamlined our construction project. Their professionalism and attention to detail were beyond impressive. Highly recommended!

James L., Project Manager

Great Work
Aspire UAV delivered exceptional maritime surveillance services that significantly enhanced our operational safety. The quality of their aerial footage is top-notch. Great work by a fantastic team!

Maria D., Maritime Coordinator

Results Were Stunning
We utilised Aspire UAV for aerial photography at our corporate events and the results were stunning. They captured spectacular views that added a unique dimension to our event coverage. Truly a five-star service!

Helen T., Events Planner

Exceptional Quality and Service
The time-lapse video created by Aspire UAV was a game changer for our project presentation to stakeholders. The clarity and detail helped everyone appreciate the project progress. Exceptional quality and service.

Tom R., Development Director

Incredible Precision
Incredible precision and reliability from Aspire UAV's roof integrity testing. They identified critical points that our regular inspections missed. This service has become a crucial part of our maintenance routine.

Sarah K., Facilities Manager

Efficient and Reliable
As a farmer, using Aspire UAV's aerial surveys has transformed how we manage our crops and land. The detailed analysis helps us make better decisions faster. It's efficient and reliable—everything a farmer needs.

Mike J., Farm Owner

Impressed With Their Technology
Aspire UAV's insurance inspection services were thorough and professional. Their reports were detailed and helped expedite the claim process after a recent storm. Very impressed with their technology and expertise.

Richard S., Insurance Adjuster

Our Go-To Experts
Using Aspire UAV for our building inspections has been a revelation. The combination of drone surveys and detailed cavity wall testing provided insights that were not possible before. They are our go-to experts now.

Emily V., Estate Agent Manager

The level of detail in Aspire UAV's drone photography is astounding. They helped us monitor environmental compliance across multiple sites. Their service is essential for anyone needing precise and dependable aerial data.

George P., Environmental Officer

Trusted Partner
Aspire UAV is our trusted partner for all aerial and structural inspections. Their cutting-edge technology and expert analysis give us confidence in managing our commercial properties. They always deliver five-star service.

Anita H., Property Investment CEO

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